Hair Flying  Hair Flying Chasing it Down  Chasing it Down Crash  Crash Dribbling Forward  Dribbling Forward
After It  After It Checking  Checking Out Front  Out Front Up and Over  Up and Over
Stopping It  Stopping It Getting it Forward  Getting it Forward Making Her Move  Making Her Move High Kick  High Kick
Launch  Launch Leg Duel  Leg Duel Challenging  Challenging Determined  Determined
Coming Up  Coming Up Looking Back  Looking Back Launching it Down the Field  Launching it Down the Field Dust Storm Early Game  Dust Storm Early Game
Kicked  Kicked Foot Duel  Foot Duel Getting In  Getting In Bracing For Impact  Bracing For Impact
Knee Stop  Knee Stop Just Ahead  Just Ahead Working Together  Working Together Launch Trio  Launch Trio
Running to the Ball  Running to the Ball To It  To It Arm and Leg Back  Arm and Leg Back Kicking it In  Kicking it In
Out of the Keepers Reach  Out of the Keepers Reach Eyes Closed Jump  Eyes Closed Jump Kicking Past  Kicking Past Pushing Past  Pushing Past
Getting Through the Yellow  Getting Through the Yellow Look After Launch  Look After Launch Knee Bump  Knee Bump Watching it Fly  Watching it Fly
Heel Kick  Heel Kick Trying For the Take  Trying For the Take Follow It  Follow It Getting Rid of the Thing  Getting Rid of the Thing
Kick Bound  Kick Bound Up Stop  Up Stop Bundled Up Kick  Bundled Up Kick On Her Toes  On Her Toes
Keeping it Away  Keeping it Away Got it Flying  Got it Flying Down the Line  Down the Line