Group Shots

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Dribbling Before the Game  Dribbling Before the Game Keeping Up With a Teammate  Keeping Up With a Teammate Hustling Fast  Hustling Fast Forgetting to Call It  Forgetting to Call It
Making a Move  Making a Move Arms Up Kick  Arms Up Kick Kick Foot Up  Kick Foot Up Incoming  Incoming
Brace Face  Brace Face Coming at it  Coming at it Lick  Lick Launching  Launching
Turning  Turning Scooping  Scooping Chucking  Chucking Intense Face  Intense Face
Helping to Defend  Helping to Defend Battling  Battling Shifting Position  Shifting Position Little Crowd  Little Crowd
Leap  Leap Stepping Off  Stepping Off Readying the Drop Kick  Readying the Drop Kick Breaking Out  Breaking Out
Waiting on the Bench  Waiting on the Bench Teaming  Teaming Getting the Ball Gone  Getting the Ball Gone Smile and Curls  Smile and Curls
Looks Like a Wave  Looks Like a Wave Caught in the Middle  Caught in the Middle